Do You Want a Cool Looking Car?

Do You Want a Cool-Looking Car?

Signs Your Upper Control Arms Have a Defect

Gavin Vasquez

The control arms are the least appreciated part of the car. Yet, the mechanical service they offer is impressive. The lifting and lowering of the suspension are possible due to the controlling arms. The device aims to make sure they grip everything together. When they are out of order, it means the parts of the car are not holding together. Driving such a vehicle can be dangerous. The best option is to have the arms replaced. Here are some warning signs that Whiteline upper control arms are faulty.


Your driving experience will be better with more functional A-arms. The gadget helps in lessening the amount of the movement and shaking of your car. If the control arm is faulty, the shaking would be evident. The vibration will intensify when you speed up. If you notice some vibration on your steering wheel when driving, get the system fixed.


The steering wheel should respond in accordance to your control. But, if you start getting some pulling, it means you have a defective upper control system. Thus, this will make your driving experience difficult. You will need to use more force than usual. As the situation with the gadget worsens, it means putting in a lot of effort to be able to keep your auto straight. Exchanging the A-arm will help to keep drivers safe. 

Wobbly wheels

The wheel of a car needs to be held well secured to the A-arms. If you notice the wheels are unsteady, then it means the upper control arm is not working right. It is possible to test wobbly wheels by suspending your car with a jack and pushing with your hands. This will help you identify any shaky wheels. In case you notice this issue, have it fixed before the situation gets out of hand.

Clunking noises

When the control arms wear, it will loosen. Some noise will come from the under the clutch frame. Speeding up or driving on a rough road will increase the noise. Ignoring these sounds will not make it go away. The best thing you can do is to have the control arm fixed.

These causes could lead to vibration, steering issues, or vehicle noises. If such cases, start by checking the upper control arms. With the role they play on the vehicle, they have a possibility of wearing out. Replacing the arm could fix the issues. Contact Whiteline upper control arm suppliers to learn more. 


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