Do You Want a Cool Looking Car?

Do You Want a Cool-Looking Car?

How To Get The Most Out Of Your 4WD.

Gavin Vasquez

4WD vehicles are designed to conquer tough terrain while providing a reasonable amount of comfort. Read the article below to learn how you can get the most out of your 4x4 machine. 

Know Your Vehicle's Limits

If your car has low ground clearance, do not take it for extreme activities, such as rock climbing. Although 4WD vehicles are designed to travel through rough terrain, some cannot wade through water or cruise through the desert. Observe your vehicle's hauling limits. If you exceed the towing limits, you could ruin your engine or cause accidents on the road.

Accessorise Your Vehicle

Want your vehicle to look fierce? 4WD accessories not only improve the vehicle's looks but also enhance its off-road abilities. Below are a few accessories to consider; 

  1. An off-road bull bar will protect your bumper, headlights and radiator against damage and scratches caused by obstacles, such as shrubs, rocks, and trees
  2. Install LED lights to improve your visibility through sandy conditions and poor weather
  3. A heavy-duty winch will prevent your vehicle from getting stuck in sand, mud or rocks. Besides, you should have recovery tracks, high-lift jack and a tow strap
  4. An air intake snorkel will reduce the probability of water entering the engine as you cross rivers. Besides, it improves the quality of air entering the engine
  5. Install a roof rack to carry excess luggage
  6. If you intend to go for long desert or camping trips, your vehicle will need a long-range fuel tank

4×4 Maintenance and Servicing

Always observe your vehicle's maintenance schedule. Use high-grade lubricants since your car will be under constant stress. Besides, install high-quality suspension and braking systems. Inspect your truck after every off-road expedition. Check its underneath for signs of damage. Open the hood and clean the air filter. Check the lubricant, washer fluid and coolant levels.

Utilise Vehicle Technologies

Some 4WD vehicles have advanced technologies that make it easy to drive through rough terrain. For instance, some vehicles have a rock crawl technology that regulates the vehicle's speed and torque as you drive through rocky terrain.

Know when to engage the 4WD system. For instance, 4-high is meant to improve the vehicle's traction at high speeds like when driving through a rough road. On the other hand, 4-low provides traction and increases the vehicle's torque when driving through challenging terrain, such as a steep rocky road. 

A well-maintained 4WD vehicle is the ultimate off-road machine. Know your vehicle's limits, accessorise the car, observe service intervals and utilise the various vehicle technologies. If you don't have one, look for a 4x4


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