Do You Want a Cool Looking Car?

Do You Want a Cool-Looking Car?

Avoiding Marine Battery Failures While On Board

Gavin Vasquez

Whether you are using a deep cycle battery or a cranking battery on your motorboat, you need to keep it in an excellent working condition. Therefore, it is always advisable to ensure that your battery cold cranking amps ability (CCA) is perfect, the reserve volume is up to standards and that it supplies the required amp hours. The following are some of the necessary regular checks for a high-performance marine battery.

A Clean Battery Case

Failure to maintain a clean battery case can lead to electrical shorts, which can negatively affect the performance of your battery or even flatten it. For that reason, a marine boat owner should ensure that the area around the posts and generally the whole battery case is always clearly cleaned by applying clean water.

Corrosion-Free Terminals

Terminal corrosion hinders the flow of power from the battery to the boat engine and onboard accessories. It happens when hydrogen released from the battery acid reacts with components of the atmosphere. If corrosion occurs on the negative terminal, it means that your battery is not charging enough while if it happens on the positive side that indicates overcharging. You can use vinegar or soda to remove the corrosion on the terminals. As a preventive measure, apply a jelly or a light type of grease on metal terminals.

Maintaining the Recommended Battery Water Levels

Battery water is not ordinary water but rather distilled and ion-free. The water is crucial as it helps in cooling battery plates while charging or undergoing heavy load in the boat system. If the water loss occurs in the battery, it leads to permanent damage. Battery water is added up to the bottom of the filler tubes to prevent the spillage risk of the battery acid, which affects battery performance and durability. Thus, it is always compulsory for you to ascertain the correct battery water levels after every 1–2 weeks. Unlike the cranking batteries, the deep cycle batteries are known for water loss because they produce amperes for an extended period; hence, the need for extra care for the deep cycle type.

Eventually, marine batteries will fail due to wearing out. However, this happens after a long period of service and payback for the value of your money. At this point, you need to replace your battery with a new one or replace the acid. You should seek help from experts to determine if your battery needs acid replacement or if you need a new battery.


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